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 Payal works with private clients and has taught group meditation + yoga classes in venues including: law firms, tech firms, hedge funds, hospitals, high schools, galleries, museums and rehabilitation facilities.

Her passion and joy for healing led her to Sinai Hospital in Maryland, where she worked with cancer patients at The Alvin + Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute outpatient infusion center for many years. She creates unique partnerships with different types of companies and organizations. Payal can teach mindfulness meditation + yoga sessions "on location" and tailors each class to fit the individual needs of her clientele with an emphasis on mind/body restoration and revival.

Examples of classes include:

* Recovery - 60 min restorative/yin class: meditative, restful and grounding - perfect for feeling overworked

* Revival - 60 mins vinyasa power class: emphasis on strengthening muscles, empowering your mind - leave centered and clear
* Renewal - 60 mins gentle flow class: focusing on alignment, breath awareness, and movement - beginners in mind 

Testimonials :

Payal is in a word - magical. Her classes take you to a whole new world, one you are destined to return from entirely changed - relaxed, rejuvenated, restored, stronger in your soul and spirit, and overwhelmed by a sense of self-love. Her energy is warm, inviting, and welcoming; she makes you feel right at home in the space, and in your practice, regardless of your level of experience. She brings warmth, humor, playfulness, a real-ness, to her approach, and so her classes are always positive and up-lifting. Payal is clearly a deeply special human. - Samantha

Her command of the physical and knowledge of the yoga tradition are impressive and worth seeking her out. She is supportive, helps me grow and encourages adventure whether it's taking on a new pose or finding an elusive calm. In a power class or yin, Payal's mindful instruction is further enhanced by her warmth and humor! I highly recommend Payal for both beginners and experienced yogis. She glows! - Andrew

She has a way of teaching and walking you through it that's with intent and purpose. It's hard not to fall in love with the person and the yoga teacher in her. Not sure which came first but I do know yoga has brought me strength and confidence, both which I honestly don't think that would have happened without Payal. - Shana