Payal is currently teaching at Exhale and Floating Lotus in New York City. She is also the newest Fitness and Wellness Curator at New York's Knickerbocker Hotel, offering vinyasa flow, meditation and restorative experiences to guests.


5:45-6:45pm - flow/chill - Exhale Central Park South


5-6pm - restorative - Exhale Central Park South

Testimonials :

I do 20-24 group fitness classes a week. Four of those are with Payal who always delivers a great class. My favorite class with her is Restorative. The structure of this class is excellent. I wish it was offered more often because it resonates with me.  -Tim

Payal has a unique and powerful gift for yoga practice. Her classes offer a physical workout and a spiritual experience. She is mindful of all students and their level of yoga training; taking consideration with their needs and emotional well-being. She possesses the ability to calm and quiet any mental or physical tension, and always offers astute wisdom and soothing anecdotes to reignite a love of life and a deeper consciousness. Yoga with Payal is a true experience for the mind, body and soul. A true gift to oneself.  - Amelia

Payal is my weekly chill pill. Taking restorative yoga with her is like having a full spa day fit into an hour. Her presence is both relaxing and rejuvenating, and each class is designed around the participant's needs so it is a unique experience each time. Payal is the best, period -- I travel half the length of Manhattan to take her class, and it is worth it! - Anastasia