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My body Is my temple and asanas are my prayers. -B.K.S. Iyengar

Payal S. Parekh is a New York-based art entrepreneur and a 500-hour nationally certified yoga teacher.

Payal trusts deeply in the nectar of self-care. She enjoys integrating Urban Zen healing modalities, including aromatherapy, body scan, reiki, restorative posturing and breath work into her classes. She believes in the power of movement and meditation in everyday life, which began when she was a teenager and student of Modern Dance and Ballet at Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University. Payal tailors each class to fit the individual needs of her clientele with an emphasis on reviving and restoring mind and body. Under her guidance, students are able to transform by building their flexibility, endurance and strength in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. She reminds her students to set an intention, "breathe, trust, and connect with self" in every class.

It is all about connection - to ourselves - to each other - to the universe - through the healing arts.

In Hindi, Payal translates to anklet. Traditionally, these were worn by Indian classical dancers, specifically those with bells that chime and shimmer. Today, anklets adorn the feet of both women (and men) all over the world. Payal’s namesake signifies the power that movement holds in her life, from early lessons in dance as a child, to the daily practice of yoga as an adult. The ancient teachings of the sutras and the study of the breath, led her to the gift of teaching yoga full time.

YOGA trainings in New York City include:

200 hrs Exhale Spa
300 hrs Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, Yoga Shanti
100 hrs Adaptive Yoga with Jillian Pransky, Yoga Works
20 hrs Yoga Tune Up Integrated Embodied Anatomy
25 hrs Yin Yoga, Corina Benner
16 hrs Sound School, Maha Rose Center for Healing
Access Consciousness Bars Class Certification, Maha Rose Center for Healing